Privacy Policy
and Terms of Use

Effective in November 1st, 2018

Last updated: May, 24th, 2021

This document regulates the use of the LeadLovers platform, hereinafter referred to as“Tool”.

By subscribing to the Tool, you, hereinafter referred to as “User”, enter into and agree to the terms below.

LEADLOVERS TECNOLOGIA LTDA - ME a legal entity of private law, enrolled at the Brazilian Corporate Taxpayer's Registry (CNPJ) under no. 22.799.684/0001-76, headquartered in Curitiba/PR, at Rua do Semeador, no. 461, Cidade Industrial, Curitiba/PR, ZIP 81.270 -050 , hereinafter referred to as"LeadLovers", through its legal and technical representative, FABIO LEANDRO VERSCHOOR, Brazilian, holder of ID (RG) 68.156.884-0 and Tax ID (CPF) 006.287.039-45, establishes the present instrument, called PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF USE, conditions and clauses of which theUser represents, in the act of contracting/subscribing, to have previously read and hereby agrees to submit to. The acceptance of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is absolutely essential to the use of the services provided by LeadLovers. This document is governed by Law no. 12.965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet), Law 13709/2018 (Data Protection Act) and by the European Data Protection Regulation or GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation.
1.1.1 Any person who has data stored by LeadLovers, after proof of identity by confirming their respective data, has the right to request by phone (41) 3908-7533 or by email ([email protected]), information such as (a) which of their data is stored, (b) the purpose for storing such data, (c) for whom such data has been disclosed, and (d) the storage period.
1.1.2 In addition, they also have the right to request that such data be (a) rectified, (b) deleted or (c) limited.
1.1.3 In the case of the above requirements, LeadLovers reserves the period of 30 (thirty) days for the fulfillment of the request, and the requesting person shall be informed by email.
1.1.4 In the event of any breach of personal data that could lead to a risk of the rights and freedoms of the data subject, LeadLovers undertakes to notify the responsible User within 72 hours.
1.1.5 If the User or the holder of the data is geographically located in any country of the European Union, the User must notify within 72 hours the respective holder, as well as the controlling authority of the respective country.
1.2.1 The Tool, after the effective subscription, collects the following Personally Identifiable User Information provided at the time of purchase: name, date of birth, tax ID (CPF/CNPJ), address, e-mail address and telephone number.
1.2.2 If the client is a legal entity, it should include the name, tax ID (CPF) and date of birth of the legal representative of the company.
1.2.3 The information is provided through the completion of the form by the User at the time of contracting/subscription of the service, the same remaining responsible for its correction and updating.
1.2.4 The information provided will be used for communication, notification and collection of users, and LeadLovers is hereby authorized to use them also for sending of emails, such as Newsletters, product launch notifications, news related to the Tool. The User may unsubscribe to the e-mail service at any time.
1.2.5 LeadLovers shall keep access records confidential, in a controlled and safe environment for at least 6 months, in accordance with Art. 15 of Law No. 12,965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet).
1.2.6 Only LeadLovers employees shall be able to access the User's personal information, whose disclosure to third parties shall not be carried out without authorization.
1.2.7 The Tool uses remarketing tools and primary cookies from Google Analytics to improve the user experience with our content. Google, in turn, has its own terms of use and privacy policies which can be accessed through this link.
1.2.8 The User can disable this feature by accessing this link.
1.2.9 In addition to the above personal information provided, the tool collects information contained in ads, such as the IP (Internet Protocol), ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as Sapo, Clix and others), the browser used to visit the LeadLovers website, the time of visit and the pages visited on our website.
1.2.10 This information (listed in item 1.2.1) is collected for the sole purpose of optimizing the User's own navigation and experience through the LeadLovers website.
1.2.11 Also, other information such as personal preferences is stored throughCookies e Web Beacons.
1.2.12 Furthermore, LeadLovers website contains advertisements from third parties. Some of these ads may use technologies such asCookies and/or Web Beacons, which will also receive data such as IP address, ISP, browser, etc.
1.2.13 The above features (listed in items 1.2.11 and 1.2.12) are used for geotargeting (such as showing Lisbon advertising only to people from Lisbon) or displaying targeted advertising to a user type (such as showing restaurant advertising to people visiting culinary websites regularly).
1.2.14 All Users, or anyone browsing the internet, have the power and independence to turn off these features by blocking the "Cookies" in browseror anti-virus options. However, we warn that blocking Cookies may generate issues navigating our website or other websites.
1.3.1 Since the Tool allows the User to collect data from third parties, the User, contracting with LeadLovers, represents to be responsible for the treatment and lawfulness of said data pursuant to Law No. 12.965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet), Law 13709/2018 (Data Protection Act) and the European Data Protection Regulation or GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation.
1.3.2 The User undertakes to publish on its website its own terms of use and privacy policies guaranteeing all rights and duties fulfilled in Law No. 12.965 / 2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet), Law No. 13.709 / 2018 (General Data Protection Law) and the European Data Protection Regulation or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Non-existence, insufficiency or illegality of the terms of use and privacy policies, User will be notified to address these changes. If the notification is not complied with, the Tool may suspend or cancel the contracted services.
1.3.3 In case of a third-party requests information to the Tool about the use of its data that has been captured by the User, the User hereby authorizes the Tool to inform by whom its data was captured and the means of contact, where it is stored, as well as any other data to exercise their rights under the LGPD - Law No. 13.709 / 2018 (General Data Protection Law).
1.3.4 If the User is geographically located in any country of the European Union or collects data of any person who is geographically located in any country of the European Union, they undertake to provide information, in its own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, regarding a representative to be contacted by the controlling authorities and data holders of that region, under the terms required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
1.3.5 LeadLovers shall not perform the processing of these data, unless requested and authorized by the User.
1.3.6 Should LeadLovers identify any unlawful collection of data by theUser, it shall immediately block its collection and the access of the User to theTool.
1.3.7 The collection of genetic, biometric or health data of third parties by the User is not allowed, unless upon express and unequivocal authorization by its holders. In case the User obtains the respective authorization, they must immediately prove it to LeadLovers, under penalty of having their access blocked under the terms of item 1.3.4.
1.3.8 Likewise the previous item, the User is not allowed to collect data of minors under 16 (sixteen) years of age, without the express authorization of the persons responsible for the minors.
All data entered into the Tool, including third-party data collected by the User, is confidential and protected through strict access and encryption controls. Our team of developers makes every effort to keep the Tool Safe, but we cannot guarantee 100% security and like any online venture, we are subject to risks.
2.2.1 In order to enjoy the services offered by LeadLovers, theUser must ensure a continuous and fast connection with the Internet. The User is solely responsible for obtaining and paying for Internet connection, which will allow him to enjoy the platform.
2.2.2 The User hereby acknowledges that the quality of the Internet connection depends, among other things, on the Internet access provider and the Internet infrastructure provider, on the volume of other uses that the client makes in the band available at each moment and also on the quality of the connection equipment it has.
2.2.3 LeadLovers shall not be responsible for any viewing failures and/or problems attributed to a faulty, interrupted, slow Internet connection or issues related to hardware problems (PC, notebook, tablet, mobile, etc.) of the User.
2.3.1 At the time of contracting/subscription to the Tool, the User may choose MONTHLY, six-monthly or ANNUAL payment plans, as offered on the website.
2.3.2 The means of payment available are bank slip and credit card via HOTMART.
2.3.3 The lack of access to the platform and/or use of the services provided in the Tool shall not exempt the User from the payment of the monthly fee, since payment is due for the mere availability of the service.
2.3.4 The purchase by credit card will require automatic payment of the subscription, be it monthly, six-monthly or annual and will be included in the invoice of the card.
2.3.5 Payment via bank bill will entail the monthly, six-monthly or annual delivery of the slip to the e-mail address registered at the time of purchase.
2.3.6 The six-monthly and Annual plans follow the same procedures of the Monthly plan; however, their subscription will follow according to the period imposed on them, that is, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Similarly to the monthly plan, there will be automatic renewal by billing the credit card or sending the bank slip in the following payment term.
2.3.7 The Tax Invoice will be generated within 30 (thirty) days after confirmation of payment and sent by e-mail to the User.
2.3.8 We emphasize that if the User choses payment in installments, the installment shall be operated by the credit card operator and not by LeadLovers. It is not possible to pay in installments by bank slip.
2.4.1 The failure to pay the monthly fee for more than 15 days (recurrence in default) shall entail the blocking of the account. Hotmart will send notifications regarding the delays in the monthly payment via email before LeadLovers blocks the account. blocks the account.
2.4.2 The account unblocking will only take place through the payment of all overdue monthly payments, including monetary correction and legal default interest.
2.4.3 In the event that the Tool has been used/made available without the due payment and there is no request for cancellation of subscription, the amount referring to the period used may be charged by telephone, e-mail, correspondence and/or legal action, with monetary correction, legal interest as of maturity and attorney's fees of 20%.
2.4.4 If LeadLovers does not charge any monthly payment, monetary correction or interest, it shall be due to a mere liberality, never entailing a waiver of its right.
2.5.1 The user is entitled to request cancellation of its subscription within 15 days of the first purchase and will receive a full refund of the amount paid.
2.5.2 The additional lead plans referred to in item 2.7 or any other additional contracted afterwards shall NOT be subject to refund.
2.5.3 Purchases in installments via credit card shall NOT be refunded, since payment is made in cash by the credit card operator and the latter then collects the installments from the User.
2.5.4 In case of cash purchase via credit card, the purchase value will be refunded on the next invoice of the credit card or on the invoice of the subsequent month, that is, from 30 to 60 days, depending on the closing date of the credit card bill and also the credit card company.
2.5.5 The refund of the amount paid via bank slip will be made via a checking account. Once the refund is placed on the Hotmart system, the user will receive an email to register the bank account where the refund will be made.
2.5.6 No ammounts will be refunded for plans belonging to banned accounts for violating the terms of use. The platform's 15-day trial period guarantee is not valid for ban cases.
2.6.1 The charge will be interrupted upon the request of the User to cancel the subscription to the LeadLovers team. If there is no cancellation request, the charge will occur automatically for each contracted period.
2.6.2 Upon a request for cancellation of the subscription, the access of the User to the Tool will be immediately blocked and the automatic collection by LeadLovers and by Hotmart cancelled for the following terms, with no refund whatsoever of the installments already paid.
2.7.1 Upgrade packages can only be purchased if the main plan (Monthly, Six-monthly, Annual) is paid on time, otherwise the User shall have 7 days after the maturity date to settle any debts before acquiring an additional plan.
2.7.2 Additional plans follow the same method of subscription as the base plans, and the User must opt ​​for the plan's recurrence mode at the time of purchase: Monthly, Six-monthly, Annual.
2.7.3 Additional plans have no refund, as they are extra plans that are not essential to the use of the software.
The discount coupon delivered by LeadLovers and its partners may only be used once (1) and is limited to a single tax ID (CPF/CNPJ), i.e., it is non-transferable and non-cumulative. The discount coupon can only be activated by new subscriptions and their maximum validity is of 2 (two) months.
2.9.1 Access will be granted after the payment is identified, the access data will be sent via email; in case they are not delivered immediately there will be 5 attempts to send following the actions below:
  • Immediate delivery after subscription;
  • 30 minutes after subscription;
  • 2 hours after the first attempt;
  • 4 hours after the second attempt;
  • 24 hours after subscription;
2.9.2 The User has access 24 hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week to the platform while paying for the plan on time, except in the special cases of scheduled maintenance of the system.
2.9.3 The Tool reserves the right to temporarily discontinue services if there is an unexpected problem with the system, when it will notify the User, informing them of the problem and deadlines for normalization.
2.10.1 The use of the Tool is prohibited for the publication, creation, storage and/or dissemination of abusive content, such as texts, photos and/or videos that are defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, harassing, harmful, which contains hate speech against persons or groups or contains child pornography, explicit or violent pornography, content that may be harmful to minors, contains insults or religious or racial threats, or encourages moral (including bodily) harm and property, or that may violate any third party right including their privacy and rights of intelectual property, for acts related to creation, distribution or dissemination of fake news. Therefore, it is considered a serious fault liable to end immediately the services provided by the Tool to the User for any activities mentioned herein.
2.10.2 It is also prohibited to use the Tool for spam (abusive) emailing. If it is identified that the user is using the Tool to spamming emails, we reserve the right to block the account.
2.10.3 We use the following spam verification bases:
  • Minimum delivery rate of 98% (in relation to the amount of emails sent);
  • Minimum opening rate of 10% (in relation to the amount of emails sent);
  • Maximum of 2% Hard bounces (in relation to the number of bounce messages in the last 15 days);
  • (Total) maximum of 30% Hard bounces (in relation to the total number of contacts).
2.10.4 But what are "HARD BOUNCES"? HARD BOUNCES are permanent errors that should be handled more strictly than temporary errors. These can appear because they do not exist (spamtraps), because they are going through a long period of inactivity (5 months). This type of response hurts the delivery of your campaigns more intensely because they receive an immediate rejection from the provider. The most common answers are related to nonexistent accounts or domains.
2.10.5 If the User intends to perform cold list cleaning (cold lead import to the system in order to remove the leads that still relate to the client, thus making successive imports), they must acquire DEDICATED IP for this purpose.
2.10.6 If the company verifies that the User is performing successive exports and imports above 2 times the current account limit, having an inbox with more than 2% of Hard Bounce status leads and/or the reputation of the account is below 90%, it may be blocked. The User will be informed previously on the blocking via email.
2.10.7 The Tool declares that there are no limitations regarding the sending of emails by the User for leads that have interaction and engagement, elements that will be identified through the respective opening markings of the emails. The User is aware that the Tool may limit the amount of emails sent to leads qualified as disengaged and / or cold by the Tool, as well as in the event of bulk email submissions. Consider leads that are disengaged and / or cold the ones who:
  • Were not registered on the platform through the appropriate opt-in mechanism;
  • Were registered on the platform by importing a list of leads;
  • The ones who do not have any opening markings found in the last 10 emails sent. It will be considered a hypothesis of spam by bulk sending of emails when it is found by the Tool that the sum of the total of emails sent in the last 7 days is equal to or greater than the amount corresponding to 3 times the limit of the plans contracted assets. The User is aware that the Tool, when identifying a very large volume of emails sent per month, will automatically clean your account, regardless of User’s request, removing leads that in the last 30 emails received, did not perform any opening, freeing up space for new acquisitions and preserving reputation, indicators and mischaracterizing SPAM behavior. In this case, the User will be duly informed via email about the process and number of disengaged leads removed. The User may request, through the Tool’s respective support channels, a list containing the leads that are removed through this process, to be made available by the Tool.
2.10.8 It is prohibited to import into any list obtained by an illegal source or illegal means. The Tool may question the User about the origin and manner of obtaining a lead list imported into the Software. If illegality is found, it will be rejected. The Tool may block the import from Users with a history of banning for violating the terms of use, as well as block the import of identical or similar email lists that were already part of another account that violated the terms of use.
2.10.9 In addition, the User agrees that, when using the Leadlovers system, it may not:
a) Violate any rule contained in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document;
b) Make any misrepresentation, thus understood the information misrepresentation (i.e.: deliberate and voluntary disclosure of information that the User knows to be false or that are notoriously false) and fraudulent misrepresentation;
c) Post or send any abusive or offensive content in the comments;
d) Commit fraud;
e) Violate or breach third-party intellectual property rights, fiduciary or contractual rights, privacy or publicity rights;
f) Disseminate, distribute or send destructive codes, whether or not they have caused actual damage;
g) Collect personal or business data, including (without limitation) email addresses and/or names of any Internet resource, whether managed by LeadLovers or third parties, for commercial, political, welfare, or other purposes without the consent of the owners of such data;
h) Duplicate, copy, modify, modify, create derivative works from, or sell or resell any of LeadLovers' services or any part thereof, including websites and web pages, or the information or data contained in the services of the Tool;
i) Send content that does not belong to the User or that they have no right to publish or distribute, whether under law or contract;
j) Access the Tool without authorization, through hacking, password mining or any other fraudulent means or that represents a violation of third-party rights;
k) Perform or encourage any unlawful activities;
l) Promote games of chance, pyramid or any fraudulent financial schemes.
m) Fail to comply with any applicable laws, rules, norms, principles and regulations.
2.10.10 The violation of any of the rules set forth herein shall entail the block of the access to the Tool, without prejudice to any potential damages.
2.10.11 LeadLovers is not responsible for content posted through the system, and may remove content from the Internet if there is a violation of these terms or any third party right.
2.11.1 The Technical Support of the tool will be given through online chat during business hours, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday; to access the chat online go to the Call Center inside LeadLovers.
2.11.2 In view of the nature of the service provided by leadlovers and in order to always provide the best service to the User, it is, in certain situations, necessary for the User to be served through (1) chat in the area logged in day windows and times that vary (in test); (2) tickets in the area logged in when the chat is closed; (3) tickets on the sales pages; (4) recording screens by browsing the User account on video, instructing him on how to perform a given action and sharing the video; (5) video and audio conferences using a tool available to both (google meet; zoom; skype; whatsapp; messenger); (6) social media (company fb groups, company instagram accounts); (7) other forms of assistance that are necessary. In these cases, due to its exceptional nature, the Tool has no means of ensuring that all service has been recorded and recorded in its system.
2.11.3 leadlovers and its collaborators will have free access to the User account and the data contained therein for purposes of service, analysis and technical support.
2.11.4 All service and technical support will be required and provided in mutual respect and good faith. Having verified the occurrence of disrespect, threats and / or offenses against leadlovers or its collaborators, it reserves the right to cancel the contract and block the customer's account. Any refund rights will be analyzed by leadlovers’ legal team on a case-by-case basis.
2.12.1 The sharing of access data is not allowed under any circumstances; the subscriber may be blocked access if the system identifies access by different IPs. For blocked accesses, the subscriber will have to wait up to 72 hours for their access to be released again, after analysis of our IT staff.
2.12.2 The sharing of access data as well as copying and /or distribution of content without the author's written permission is considered piracy. Piracy is a crime and, if identified and proven, the offender will be prosecuted, thus responding to the terms of the Law.
2.13.1 By contracting LeadLovers, the User represents to be fully aware that the system changes daily, no prior notice being required before each change, unless we deem it necessary.
2.13.2 The User is also fully aware of the possibility of encountering "system bugs", that is, process failures, as well as of facing slow connection and being unable to use the system for a few hours.
2.13.3 LeadLovers is not responsible for any losses incurred due to unforeseen bugs and/or external events that every company is subject to.
2.13.4 In addition to all the rules set forth in this document, the User undertakes to prepare and provide to its "customers" or "visitors" the Privacy Policies applied in their own environment, which shall be in accordance with this document, with Law 12.965/2014 (Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet), law nº 13.709/2018 (General Data Protection Law or LGPD) and with the European Data Protection Regulation or GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation.
2.13.5 Whenever there is a change to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the User shall be notified by the tool.
2.13.6 The Courts of Curitiba/PR are hereby appointed in order to resolve any disputes regarding the use of the Tool or these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and the parties waive any other, however privileged it may be.
2.13.7 If the customer does not accept the above terms of use, cancellation of the subscription may be requested through our Call Center with the Cancellation sector.